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I hear good things about Specialized Rockhoppers, but that is just reputation. I'd look for an early/mid 90's Trek mountain bike. Ridiculously cheap for how much bike you get. For one, you get gears and that alone is going to make riding more pleasureable than a beach curisers single speed intended for pancake flat coastal town boardwalks. Then go for Velocity rims. I have Chukkers on my Tandem (team weight with gear 500+) & Atlas on my mountain bike. I'm pretty hard & neither have ever needed any attention; Still true as the day they were built. There is a 40 hole 135mm wide hub...I'll find the link, but it's pretty expensive. (edit, it's for road bikes: 40 hole hub 130mm ) 36 hole hubs are pretty common & what I recommend when (if) you get your wheels built.

If it were me, I would steer clear of bonded aluminum built frames. I don't have any real reason to say that. But after 25 years of age and then puting it in service at or exceeding the load the engineers intended just doesn't seem wise. Of course, I don't know what the engineers intend, I'm sure actually taking a mountain bike up to a mountain & beating it is different than riding it around the neighborhood, so I may be off base on that, but I'm sure there are plenty of 6xx or 8xx that would both be cheaper & better for your purposes. Especially if you get one with decent rims (double wall) to begin with.

It sounds to me like what you think you are looking for could be a Worksman. I own one. They seem like they would fit the bill, but after adding in the cost of a 7 speed hub and the mediocre front drum brake to make it pleasureable to ride and safe in a variety of terrain outside of the flat lands, the value just isn't there. Add in shipping time, shipping cost, telephone only customer service, obsolete standards & Friday afternoon worksmanship...I'd look elsewhere...towards a '90's mountain bike!

Good luck.

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