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On the southeast side of Mission Hill Southwest Corridor Bikepath will bring you between Ruggles and Forest Hills with just crossing a few roads.

Connecting to this near Ruggles are bikelanes on Columbus Ave (which takes you to Park Plaza) and the S. Bay Harbor Trail on Melnea Cass Blvd, which also connects to Washington St which is a shared bus/bike lane, will take you close to Downtown Crossing BUT it dumps you into the deep end at Tufts Medical Center.

Connecting near Forest Hills are Washington St (again), Cummins Highway, American Legion Highway and Blue Hill Avenue, taking you south.

On the west of Mission Hill is Huntington/S. Huntington, past lots of colleges. On a bike, they are acquired tastes. Lots of people ride there, lots of people HATE riding there. The trolley tracks (green line) are to be respected.

On the northwest side of Mission Hill is Brookline Ave, which will take you past many hospitals and eventually Fenway Park.

Mass Ave is the major bike connector across the river, taking you over the Harvard Bridge (often incorrectly called the MIT Bridge by locals, but also often correctly called the Mass Ave Bridge) into Cambridge and beyond. From Mission Hill you may also be crossing the BU Bridge to Cambridge too.

Finally, while Boston drivers crash a lot, they typically crash slowly. Speed limit in the city is now 25 mph.
But often they can't get out of their own way (they are the traffic they are stuck in), so you'll often be the fastest vehicle on the road.

The other biggest caution, operators of large trucks often struggle to navigate the city roads. They WAY too frequently overlook pedestrians and bicycles, but for some reason, that seems to be OK around here.

-mr. bill
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