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I've been a bike rider/racer since the early days of Greg Lemond. I've been through all kinds of systems, components, books....on and on. Many of them turned out not nearly as important as I thought they would be.

Hitting middle age my wife and I decided to get a tandem. It was a decision that took 3 years to fully answer.

It was one of the best decisions we ever made. We love it.

It took some growth on my part to be able to enjoy the actual ride. All that male centric Agenda, Dissection, Analysis, Expectation had to be tossed out. Had to be let go. Oh, I could've kept it, but that leads to Argument and I didn't want any of that, not on the bike.

The best rule for happy tandeming is KISS. Keep it simple. A decent GPS is all you need. Start focusing on mutual perceived effort. Get a feel for how the two of you are riding the bike together. Don't bury your face in a screen after a ride to see your watts versus her watts on the climb up Mt Burlap. It can only lead to a fight.

Instead say, "we rode good today, honey, now lets go get that sandwich"
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