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(with as pleasant a face as is possible when looking at the humanoid version of a three-toed sloth, say) "World production of bicycles is double that of automobiles and has been since the 1950's. Your best bet is just to learn how to share the road with the rest of us Miss." (smile, wink, then go back to your soup and beer)

Most dipsh*ts, male or female, are so blindsided by actual intellectual content that they don't even know how to respond. Plus, I guarantee you that the next time they see a bike rider, they'll at least think about what you said.

Here's a link to my witty come-back data:

When confronted by someone like this, especially as at a stop light out on the road, my riding buddy will just laugh and say like he's joking with a friend, "You're talking gibberish." If the person keeps going he'll add, "Yeah, yeah and I'll bet you were one of those kids who never could learn to share their toys either? Come on, be were, weren't you?" He'll keep this going until the light changes. I've seen him laughing and calling out at the top of his lungs as the driver pulls away, "Aw come on. Don't be like that. Break the mold! Be a new you!"

On most group rides with the guy, like if we have a driver start to creep out of a side street or one who passes close and squeezes us, after a couple of beats somebody will echo up from the back of the paceline, "Break The Mold. Break the mold. Be a new you." Always good for a giggle.

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