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What do you expect? There is a much higher percentage of bicyclists who hate "cagers" than the other way around. A small but vocal minority of bicyclists, seem to want drivers to hate them. One of the things that really annoys me is when I approach a 4 way stop, with a car coming from my side. Many drivers just assume I am going to bust thru the stop sign, so they wait for me. Instead of doing a track stand I have to unhook. Why do you think these people think I am not even going to slow down? Because it happens all the time.
The other day, at the lunch hour, on an extremely busy street, sometimes known as Restuarant Row, there were 2 cyclists riding along in the bike lane, except they wanted to talk, so they were riding side by side, blocking the regular lane.
The thing that offends alot of people here is that the city spent $2 million to build a hike and bike bridge over the river after bicyclists demanded it when a cyclist was killed on the bridge. Very few cyclists use it because they don't like the way it was designed.
While admittedly, both sides are at fault, some cyclists need to remember the Golden Rule.
I don't even need to mention Critical Mass.
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