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Originally Posted by Marcus_Ti View Post
Why spend $200USD on a BB...when the FSA BB386 BB is available in BSA for $50USD on Amazon Prime?

I have no clue if the 30mm BB from CK can be shimmed to work or no...I suppose it could perhaps. CK does a (terrible) job telling consumers what their system works with.
Because the overall cost is cheaper if I have to replace the less expensive one every season. I have two cross bikes - one with about 5000 miles that is on the fourth or fifth set of 6806 bottom bracket bearings - I have lost count. The other has about 12,000 miles and is on the original CK BB. I have not done a thing to the BB other than hose or brush it off when it gets dirty. I have put well over $200 into the "inexpensive" BB, and the CK is only $150 for me.

I trust CK, they are made in the USA, I am from Portland, this is a "dream build", I can afford it, and I don't have to listen to your opinion about by BB when I am riding.

My post was looking for facts, not opinions.
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