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Originally Posted by Carbonfiberboy View Post
So interesting how BF denizens aren't interested in new information or other ways of looking at or doing things. Everyone already knows and is perfect at everything. Ever since I joined here, 11 years ago, I've been preaching pedal technique but am always shouted down by the "it's-been-proven-you're-faster-if-you-just-hammer-the-downstroke" crowd. The linked article agrees precisely with the viewpoint on pedal stroke I developed 20 years ago just from my personal testing.

Interesting to me is that for the past few weeks as I train up for climbing season, I've been doing low cadence (Muscle Tension in CTS-speak) on one day, then FastPedal (115+) on another day. That's worked well for me. Looks like I should alternate those intervals during the same workout. That's an interesting idea.

I'm always working on getting smoother. It's not easy to put down smooth power in those wide cadence ranges. In tribute to the stompers, I do stomp on 'em for short periods when it a do or die situation. Definitely more power, but unsustainable in a long ride context.
Totally agree with all. In addition to yoga and pilates courses to build my core strength and breathing technique, I spent many hours on a Keiser spin bike in front of a mirror, churning out massive wattage seated while trying to keep my upper body perfectly still. For a few years at my peak, every new person I rode with accused my of having a motor someplace on my bike after they'ed see me ride up steep hills with little apparent effort. It takes a LOT of effort over time to look smooth.

I always tried to mix up my efforts within rides and from ride to ride, and mix up very hilly rides with very flat rides. Trying out new things is always good.
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