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Originally Posted by Marcus_Ti View Post
LOL. Obviously.

I could point out you're not the only one to use thopse bearings...I could point out that you're not the only one who builds dream bikes...and I could point out I have that exact bearing in my Di2 gravel bike and it is has 4,900 miles on it as of this weekend...But obviously you're in a snit and want to spend money. So have a nice day.
So we all have our own unique values, and different opinions on reliability and what components that we would spend money on. I wouldn't put Di2 on a gravel bike (and especially not a 'cross bike) due to the cost, but it is good to know that it works for you and that the technology has evolved to the point that it is so trustworthy. My bikes are steel, have steel forks, wheels made of metal, and no batteries outside of GPS. I don't spend money on carbon rims, electronic shifting, ceramic bearings, or top-end groupsets, but I will spend money on things that are difficult to manufacture like headsets, hubs, and BBs (think: Phil, CK, White Industries). An expensive bike (to me) is anything North of $4k. $10k for a bike is crazy talk.

My initial response crossed the line, and for that, I apologize. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
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