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You go up a steep enough hill and your 60 min cardio class will feel like playing with children. Especially on an Electra Cruiser. The bike is good for it. The question is whether you are!

10-12 mi. is a limit frequently met by people. It's nothing on the bike that flies off. Your derriere flies off...

Seriously now. Look at the Electra as a beginner's bike, a fun bike, that will get you fairly painlessly to a certain level of fitness.

Once you do 8-12 mi. without even thinking about it, you will want to do more. 8-12 mi. will not lose you weight. 20+ on a routine basis will.

The problem is that the upright position transmits all the shocks through your derriere up the spine. Thump thump thump. Something that you don't think much on a short ride becomes painful, like Chinese Water Torture. Your tailbone HURTS!

At that stage, you will seek bikes with more aggressive stance, seek these thin saddles that you can't conceive why people ride on them and who knows, one day you may be grinding gravel on a 29er, doing single track or flashing through on a road bike.

Don't hurry this process. If you do, you will likely fail. A road bike with the skinny saddle 2-3" above the handlebars will serve to disappoint you from biking at present. On the Electra, you will feel like you are riding a cloud.

Good luck!

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