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Park Tool SR-12 Sprocket Remover / Chain Whip

The SRAM 9-Speed cassette cogset on my bicycle requires usage of a chain whip when unscrewing the cassette lockring. I selected the Park Tool SR-12 Sprocket Remover / Chain Whip tool

The SR-12 measures 14" long, 2" wide, 0.13" thick (metal), 0.37" thick (cushion grip), whip 7 links, 7" long (whip length) and 1" hex wrench. The mass is 356g.

This is specified for 5-Speed to 12-Speed cassette cogset.

For my application, the chain whip permits the required immobilization of the SRAM cassette cogset, so that the cassette lockring may be unscrewed. For my SRAM I use the Park Tools FR-5.2 Freewheel Remover. Note that the whip is only required for loosening / unscrewing the cassette lockring, not for tightening.

The integrated 1" hex wrench is very handy for snugging the cassette lockring, as it perfectly fits the freewheel remover exterior hex.

On my bicycle I remove the quick release skewer to use the freewheel remover tool.

Once the SRAM cassette lockring is removed, the SRAM cassette cogset slides right off the hub. The smaller two cogs are loose, the larger ones are retained as a set using spacers, alignment pins, holes and a skinny long internal lock screw. The last time I disassembled the cassette cogset I put a dab of Loctite onto the long screw threads to resist unwanted loosening.

I would not hesitate to recommend this tool.

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