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Will share a similar challenge I had once.
changed RD cable on mtn tandem. Just could not get it to work correctly. Upon careful scrutiny the cable was stretching under tension.
Changed cable to normal brand of cable that I usually use.
Viola, perfect shifting again.
i now have a note on my parts cabinet to never buy that brand/model of cable that gave me fits.
Yes, I tried all the usual things to no avail.
i even put the suspect cable back in after solving the issue to verify that it was the problem. Yup, it still sucked.
Been wrenching for more years than I care to say and never ran into this before.
This information may or may not help but is a data point to consider.
Also noticed some brands will break after normal life span at derailleur fixing bolt while others consistantly at the shifter. Some last longer than others etc. Have many bikes and have been wrenchimg long enough to see the differences.
Good luck.
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