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Originally Posted by linberl View Post
When, and if, you are ready to reconsider, just purchase a bike with quality name brand batteries and controller. Most e-bike have removable batteries so you can just run a plug outside and charge them if you really worry about it. They take a few hours so grab your coffee and start 'em up early in the morning (while you are awake) and then ride away. Fwiw, I had a Prodecotech bike for a year and a half which I charged nightly and never had an issue; quality units have shut offs once the battery is properly charged. Buy something with recognized quality and you'll sleep better. And make sure your home fire extinguisher is serviced regularly, lol. Seriously, fires are rare compared to the # of bikes/batteries out there.
thanks for your reply. I do realize the fires are rare, and I don't want to rain on, or should that be, burn anyone's parade. We like the idea of ebikes. Unfortunately we've been through two fires (for other reasons) and believe me, that was two too many. So we're very wary.

The trouble is, if I've understood everything correctly, it seems we're not supposed to let the batteries fall below x percentage charge, and to store during winter with the batteries at something like 50 to 70 per cent. (In fact we were told to recharge once or twice a month throughout winter.) Running an extension cord outside, well when the snow is banked up outside, or when it is really cold, not sure how that would work. Not even sure about how the charging performance would be affected by the extension cord. So, we would be tempted to do it inside and once tempted...With a dedicated room, ideally with concrete floor, which we don't have, it would be less a concern. But the only place we have would inevitably be close to other stuff that would burn (our house is tiny, and while we struggle, the stuff still accumulates).

Also we tried finding out about the quality of the cells, chargers etc. in retail bikes and the staff don't seem to know. Certainly in this place the guy wasn't a confidence builder. (Example, he insisted we could take the folding bikes, with batteries, on a given airline and I know that isn't true, the airline's own website makes it very clear they won't.) But I take your point about quality bikes. The brand you mention, Prodecotech, at least gives the brand of batteries in their bikes (Samsung.) However, when I go to the Samsung website, it mentions nothing about battery packs devised for e bikes, only their phones. This is the hard part, trying to cross reference the source parts. (Yes, I know I'm anal. But I also went through two fires !)
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