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Originally Posted by Scrodzilla View Post
Because as I've already said, they're two entirely different bikes. Apples and onions.

The Rush has tight track geometry and uses a 1" threaded headset & quill stem, and the Tutto is all stretched out with a wacky long top tube, clearance for huge tires, removable cantilever brake mounts and useless belt-drive capability. For a single speed commuter, you're better off with a Surly Steamroller.
Iím confused. Forgive me if Iím wrong but isnít the Tut also based on track geometry? As I said, Iím not an expert in bike geometry but the numbers seem quite close, the Tut even seems more compact on the contrary to what you said - 536mm top tube (size 530) on the Rush and 530mm (size M) on the Tut. What measurements are you referring to when you state ďwacky long top tubeĒ? I guess I'm not seeing what you're seeing.
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