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Originally Posted by MePoocho View Post
After a year of weekly (not weakly) chain cleaning and re-lube off the bike I have finally become somewhat comfortable with the 'threading it back onto the chain ring and cassette'. Questions for all you pro's out there. I'll value all techniques......
  1. Is the process painless?
  2. Do you start threading at the cassette or chain ring?
  3. Is it fun?
  4. Can you do it in the dark blindfolded?
  5. Does your wife, kids, and pet go hide?
If anyone has advise I'm all ears........
  • Start at the lower derailer pulley.
  • Not really "fun" but whatever floats your boat
  • I avoid it by not having to clean chains. Cleaning chains "weekly" is far more painful than putting the chain back on.
My chains...on all bikes...gets cleaned exactly once. I clean it when I install it, use wax based lubricant and never take it off again until it is worn out...about 3000 miles later. With 7 bikes in rotation, some can take a couple of years to get to the point of needing a new chain while others can take far longer than that.

Chains are cheap (or you should be using cheap chains) and not worth the effort of constantly cleaning them. All you have to lose is the time wasted on cleaning chains.
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