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Originally Posted by mcours2006 View Post
Does the cougar need to be euthanized in this instance? I mean, they are wild animals living in the wild, not pets.
When a predator kills a human in cases where it seems the animal was engaging in predatory behavior it is usually killed, not euthanized. (Euthanasia is ending life to alleviate suffering.) Take the case of Lance Crosby, who was attacked, killed, partially consumed and cached while hiking in Yellowstone a few years ago. The mother, along with her cubs, were killed.

Tragic story that is shrouded in some mystery since no on has been able to determine why he was where he was. I met Crosby once. His ex was a student of mine when I was a research and writing TA in law school. We still keep in touch and even had dinner five years ago before I started a tour from Pittsburgh.

There was a different result in the case of the U.S.F.S. policeman who was killed by a grizzly while mountain biking just outside of Glacier National Park a few years ago. He was bombing a descent with a relative a ways back. It was determined that he came around a curve doing more than 20 mph and hit the bear, which was on the trail. The bear then attacked in an act of defense, not predation. As such, the bear was not hunted. By the time his riding partner came n the scene, the bear was mauling. There was nothing he could do.

Somewhere on line you can find the official reports of the investigations into both deaths.
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