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Old crappy 5 speed to 6 speed

My sons bike has a crappy old 5 speed falcon rear derailleur and grip shift. The bike has 20Ē wheels.

The derailleur is a pos from day one and has never worked good, and Iíve adjust it for hours and itís just a poor quality part. (And old)

My other son has a 6 speed shimano unit on his bike and it works great. I want to get something like that to replace the 5 speed on my other sons bike so his shifts and works nice as well.

my question is how and what do I order for a derailleur, cog set, shifter and chain? Iíve heard a 5-6 speed cog set are identical width and should interchange just fine, but can I use a shimano derailleur with say a sram grip shift?

at what point do the cog sets get to wide to work on a smaller kids bike? (Example can I use 7 speed cog set?). Looks like there is approx 130mm between the dropouts. Is this standard? Itís a steel frame so I could bend it out a bit if needed.

thank you!!

5 speed chain ok with 6 speed?
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