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Thanks for the replies

sorry did not mean that 5 speed was worse or better than 6 speed only that I though 5 speed was old school and Iíve not seen it used much now-a-days.

ive tried replacing the shifter as well with a quality sram unit and no luck.

knowing what sram shifters will work and what donít is what Iím not sure. How do I know? Something to do with ratio???

respacing the rear wheel is something I never thought of, not have I had to do that before so better to leave it alone. Just curious is it difficult to do?

Iím going to try and find a new 5 speed derailleur, cog set (as Iíd imagine the hyperglide style is newer and easier to move between gears) as well as a new chain. This cogset is old anyhow and looks abit warm.

thanks for the info!!

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