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Originally Posted by 1nterceptor View Post
Wooaahh, hold on a second! People are talking about bikes being delivered with faults and/or getting them earlier than every one else.
Making assumptions that Helix will actually deliver. Let's look at history. A lot of knowledgeable and "industry/in-the-know" folks have been
burned by many start-ups in the past. Not just on Kickstarter; but even experienced venture capitalists.

I don't have any Helix order. So you may ask why bother posting here at all? I'm concerned about all these people who gave millions and
only got promises. I'm concerned about the people buying Kickstarter pledges; if they're getting all the info available. Will Helix go for a 3rd
round of asking "investors" for pledges/donations?
KS and IGG both make it very clear that you are buying development which may or may not lead to a delivered product. Anyone who ignores that is responsible for their own delusions. I've taken a few small gambles that didn't pay off, one medium size (where the developer stated in writing there was a moneyback guarantee and then screwed everyone). I've got one fairly large one outstanding but I do believe I will eventually get my item; just not on the timetable originally set. Delays, even multiple year delays, are common on crowdfunded items. Could this go the way of the $200 headphones that raised 3 million and blew up, sure. My mentality is to write off the money mentally once I pledge. Then, if and when the product materializes, I am pleasantly surprised. But half the fun is speculating and complaining and sharing angst with other backers, lol. One thing I find fascinating is the secondary market for pledges; could be a whole new marketplace someday for folks selling their backer positions at various times in the development process.
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