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I have an old set of Cinelli rollers. They are 4" in diameter steel drums. The prior owner put two strips of black tape on the center with about a 3-4" gap. That is for aligning the front tire. The smaller the roller diameter, the faster the front wheel will move side-to-side due to small steering movement. I can assure you things go south fast if you swerve a bit on rollers. Plus they can be very hard on tires due to the force on the tire on a small contact patch. Keep your tires hard. A good idea is to get 2 low stools for each side for your feet. Mounting and dismounting is a very necessary, but acquired skill.

A LBS owner used to have a set of Japanese Keirin rollers that had 13" diameter wooden block rollers. They were easy to ride (compared to mine) and you could ride fast. He once did a 24 hour charity ride on them. They were very quiet, unlike my Cinellis which were loud, rumbly things even with properly lubed and adjusted bearings.

Good luck. The Nashbar ones look foldable, a big plus.

When the trainers came, I stopped using the rollers.
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