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Some of the old 5 speeds were rather good, I promise. I haven't seen them new since the mid 1980s though, but vintage bikes turn up now and then. They weren't indexed like later shifters, you developed a feel for them and it was all fine. Some had a sort of very fine indexing, just tiny clicks in the shifter when you moved it. but no numbers or indications which gear it was. Some were better than others. I think I had a Simplex on a Peugot, it might have been Hurret, I can't remember anymore, It had 5 speed cassette in the rear and two cogs in front. The trick was to keep everything clean and well oiled from shifter to derailleur. The cogs were much thicker on these and lasted noticeably longer than what we get today.

Either way, better gears can probably be found, and you might even find a 3 or 7 speed gear hub that will work with the frame.
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