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Originally Posted by Teamprovicycle View Post
I went to rei the other day , first time , they have better bike stuff than all 3 of my lbs . they had best price on cassettes and brake pads cables . i was pretty impressed . they have a nice shop way better than dicks .
In terms of biking accessories, I can only think of one LBS that has anywhere near the selection as my local-ish REI, and I live in an area with a lot of LBSes. Being new to cycling, I have spent some time over the past few weeks visiting just about all of them looking at bikes/accessories to replace the "good enough" gear I am using now. Seriously, REI's selection of almost everything except bikes is pretty darn good. Sure, they don't carry every good brand but no one does. They are also the only one around that I am aware of that carries Revelate products. That they ended up not having the specific item that I ordered for in-store pickup was annoying but they emailed me an additional 15%-off "I'm sorry" code that I could use to order it and I would still use the anniversary code that I had previously tried to use. That brought the price down way below what I would buy it for elsewhere. I also picked up a couple of other items that were the same price or cheaper than what I was about to order on Amazon.
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