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Originally Posted by big chainring View Post
In 45 years of cycling and 10's of thousands of miles I have only broken maybe 6 spokes. The wheels on my bike now are from 1971. All original spokes. Maybe they make wheels differently now. But spoke breakage is or should be a rare happening.
Originally Posted by Kovkov View Post
This. I broke 2 spokes so far. One on a wheel from 1956 and one on a wheel from 1963. Both broke in 2017.
Why is it that when broken spokes are mentioned, all kinds of people tell us that spokes "should ever break"? People break spokes all the time and it's not just from damage. Spokes do fatigue...which is how we know about concepts like "spoke fatigue"...and occasionally break. If you've never broken a spoke, just consider yourself lucky.

And, yes, I know all the tricks of wheel building. I know how to form spokes to the hub, how to stress relieve the wheel, how to tension properly, how to choose good spokes, etc. I've been using these since the mid-80s. But I also know that spokes sometimes fail. Again, if they never failed we wouldn't know anything about spoke failure.

Originally Posted by Troul View Post
700 x 32 with tubes 32 spokes double walled

Been running the psi within 5 to 10 psi under the higher tolerances by the oem [max rear 75 max front 95] of the tire & have had no wheel or spoke issues.
before doing so, I've typically ran 20 psi under the max & a spoke coming loose or breaking seemed to happen every now & then.

is it coincidence? Probably jinx myself now...
I would say that it's a coincidence. Tire pressure causes the spoke tension to decrease as the pressure increases.
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