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Originally Posted by GerryinHouston View Post
Spokes break due to bad spoke tensioning, not tire inflation pressure. If you radically under-inflate your tires and the rim makes hard contact, you will get snake bite punctures and might get a broken or bent rim. It is highly unlikely that your spokes will break...
You are missing the point about tire inflation. I agree that lower pressure doesn't cause spoke tension problems. Higher pressures cause deformation of rim which have an effect on the spoke tension that may no have been accounted for when building. I would also say that impacts of the rim on the ground are going to cause momentary cycling of an individual spoke's tension which could lead to fatigue issues if done often enough.

I would disagree about spoke breakage being due to bad spoke tensioning only. Tension is part of it but so is using spokes that are too small a diameter for the load that they are being used for. A spoke with a 1.5mm elbow isn't going to have the longevity of one with a 2.0mm elbow or a 2.3mm elbow. Thicker elbows have a significant impact on the amount of stress the spoke can take before it breaks.

Originally Posted by blue192 View Post
I work on a theory that there is a relation in spoke longevity and body mass... aka fat man breaks more spokes. xD
Wrong and insulting.
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