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Crank for 109mm Suntour Superbe pro BB

Hello! hopefully some pictures attached to this.

Ive been sourcing parts for this 1976 Benotto modello 1700 pista, very very excited! Unfortunately im broke so its a real budget build for now, can be upgraded over time If i manage to repaint the frame, its very chipped so currently going to just be a lethal high speed city bike for Copenhagen.

I already had a some somewhat nice enough shimano hubbed wheels, SR stem and seatpost and this basic SR crank (ive always liked the look of these standard ones for some reason) and from that I decided i liked the idea of it all being japanese parts and benetto own parts (found a super cheap nice benotto headset and got some benotto handbars of a friend), sort of a rebellion against the classic all italian campagnolo for this frame.... some may hate me haha. I was looking around for BB and maybe cause italian threaded suntour superbe pro isnt very popular? but I was very pleased to fine this BB at a really cheap price, even though i wasnt planning anything high end i had to buy it. So now I thought I had all the parts ready to build!

Im somewhat a newcomer to building bikes so I made the error of thinking all JIS crank/BB would fit each other... doth I am exposed, the driveside crank bottoms out completely on the fixed cup... do pista BB need a pista crank? Maybe ive read the error could in the superbe pro being its own wierd JIS?

Would people be able to enlighten me on what my options are to pair with this BB?
im hoping this doesnt mean I have to buy an extremely expensive superbe pro pista crank If i want to use this BB! I think then id have to get a cheap BB for now and wait out to afford this. That would be abit soul destroying.

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