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Originally Posted by spectastic View Post
tried looking for the answers and asking on other subforums, so i defer to the wisdom of the racers.

I'm building a new bike, and currently contemplating on the pedals. i've always used shimano r540 because they're the cheapest option, seem to function just the same as the others, and i don't worry about scraping them on the pavement. but i'm considering upgrading to shimano 5800 pedals. I know a lot of you might use ultegra or dura ace, but I'm trying to keep myself grounded. 99% of the world still thinks $200 is a good budget for a whole bicycle, guys, much less a pair of pedals... there are 2 things different about the 5800 pedals compared to the basic r540, and I'm trying to decide if they're worth it.

1. larger platform
is there a noticeable difference in pedaling efficiency going from r540 pedals to the larger platforms on the 5800 (and I believe the 5800 through dura ace use the same shaped platforms??)??
does the larger platform make clipping in much easier? like a lot easier?

2. different ball bearing assembly
this is the main factor for me. every r540 i've had has developed play after 1 season, which I can fix, but I'm lazy.. going from 5700 to 5800, shimano started to use the bearing assembly design used in previous dura ace. are these supposed to last a lot longer? if so, how much longer?

I have been using whatever was the cheapest Shimano SPD-SL at the time for about 9-10 years. It still performs flawlessly. Actually, I've been using the same shoes for the whole time, too...

The other ones are just lighter.

I do want some power meter pedals, though....
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