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Originally Posted by oldacura View Post
Looks like your bike has disc brakes. Cable or hydraulic? Did you ever have indication on the descent that the brakes were overheating?
Yes, TRP hydraulic discs front and back. We also have a third brake--a rim brake on the back that the stoker controls. The bike is about 13 year old steel Land Shark. It was custom made for someone else and then hung in their garage for 5 years after 1 30 mile ride. We bought it from them about 8 years ago. It originally had dura ace rim brake in front and small avid disc in the back. We added the rim brake for a little extra braking power for when the disc got hot. About 8 months ago we upgraded to the TRP's. The new brakes along with the new Co-Motion disc brake ready steel fork added some weight (bike wasn't too light anyway--probably now weighs about 39 lbs), but the brakes work very well. And yes, I could tell that the brakes were getting hot a couple of times, but we just stopped for a while to let them cool and enjoyed the view. I think a more courageous and skillful descender than me could have come down the mtn with our brake set up without stopping.
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