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Carlos danger, I agree with nearly all you put down for building a superior wheel set. DT hubs are simply the best I have worked with. Mavic rims are super quality, even the low end Open Sport rim. Of course DT spokes reign supreme, and have for decades. Personal builds include every major brand hub and rim out there and many no longer around. Never do I use spoke freeze on my own wheels, however I have used it on customer wheels when requested. Instead of grease, Phils Tenacious oil is applied to the nipple seats and spoke threads. 32 hole is minimum for durability from the seat I sit in, however all my bikes are 36 or 40 because I don't want to mess with wheel problems. I just ride 'em.

Durable and light weight are not compatible with each other. One neat trick I use is on my daily rider. Frame spaced to 130, axle spaced to 130, however the hub is a 1986 Record hub originally spaced at 126. Using the wider axle spacing the spoke tension on both sides of the rear wheel is equal. Perfection found.
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