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Bumping this because I was just on vacation, 2 days in Iceland and 7 in Switzerland, and the quad cramps hit me for the first time on the second day in Iceland and I had to deal with it the rest of my trip. I'd been riding at least 100 miles a week prior, and at the beginning was joking that vacation was interrupting my cycling. Boy did that come back in a bad way!

I didn't think anything of the cramping at first other than maybe that I had been sitting for too long on flights and train rides, but eventually it was so bad that just walking on flat ground triggered it and my wife (who doesn't read BF) found this thread. My symptoms were definitely cramps, not just pain, and started on the second day when bringing luggage down four flights of stairs after checking out of the AirBnB apartment we stayed at in Reykjavik. From that point on, my quads were extremely tight all day even when not in pain, and have only now, after a day back home, started loosening back to normal. I tried stretching quads and hamstrings, got a very painful massage on one leg to test whether it would help (maybe only a little), did some hamstring exercises, took ibuprofen, ate bananas, ate multivitamins. Only thing I did that prevented cramping was walking backwards downhill or down stairs. I noticed after a few days of trying various treatments that my central quad muscle wasn't cramping, just the ones on the inner and outer thigh (vastus lateralis and medialis?) with the pain from mid thigh running down to the knees, but I don't remember if that was always the case -- I do think I'd only initially stretched the middle quads, so after noticing, I tried stretching those outer ones as well. Now that I'm back home, I'll be resuming riding once I get over a cold I caught from a family member and try to pay attention to stretching and exercising the hamstrings too.
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