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Perhaps my point on weight was not clear - if you change the way you carry the bike (i.e., shoulder carry), it will feel MUCH lighter, and you'll be able to carry it much further, and much more easily though tight spots, over stairs, etc. No need to spends hundreds of $$ to save a couple lbs.

A five gallon water jug weighs 40lbs and the pros (household delivery guys) will almost always carry on their shoulder. Try a small stick-on pad on the main frame tube, and resting the folded bike upside down on your shoulder while holding the seat tube to balance it, leaning the left crank arm against your head. For even further carry distances, you can also rest the frame tube across both shoulders (folded or unfolded) which is like carrying 2 water buckets with a pole, again bike upside down.

I personally can not stand carrying the bike suitcase-style more than 10 yrds, or though doorways. When I'm touring, I probably carry the bike over a half mile a day (primarily to stealth camping spots deep in the woods/down a beach, and have once hiked it up a 30 story staircase).

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...BTW: I am wondering why you have the easy wheels mounted to your bike - the new standard wheels roll better in my opinion and come for free with the bike.
I have the new wheels (2016.... unless they've up graded it again), and recently swapped it the EZwheels. The EZs are slight larger diameter and have better shock absorption (due to the little 'tire') - together that helps it roll significantly smoother over sidewalk irregularities. I also have the rack and X-roller mod, and have rolled my bike and touring pannier many hours/miles baby-stroller style through museums and pedestrian parks while touring.
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