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Originally Posted by berlinonaut View Post
The ti-version is expensive but in my eyes worth it if you can afford it. I own serveral Bromptons and my favorite clear favorite by far is the 2lx (which is my everyday bike). Light, fast and handy. I am running it with a 60t chainwheel in the meantime (stock is 54-12/16) which makes it very fast in the flat but is obviously not made for hills. The stock 54 is in my opinion a very good choice for most riders.

From what I have been told a light weight Brompton will be felt only when carrying the bike. Due to the small wheel size and how fast they spin bike weight is not a factor when riding.Good to note that there is a difference, coming from a person who owns several Bromptons.

I need 40 gear inches for two climbs in my commute and then 75 gear inches on the downhills. I could have gone with the -12% 3 speed (42, 56, 72 gear inches) but it was a no brainer to go with 6 speeds for $80 more without any significant weight increase. If I could setup a 2 speed with 40 and 75 gear inches I would like to know about it but that's a big jump.
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