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What happened?
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The correct Rollfast answer is WORKING, unless you want to fix or modify it.

Cantilevered frames are often known for strength, especially the Schwinns. After 1983 or so they cease being made in Chicago, the classic brazing techniques start to become lost and Murray steps in to make them. By the 90s as the 1995 centenary approaches the then owners of Schwinn have to relearn these things to produce that year's models as close to the original design as possible. It is NOT a complete reproduction...things like the axles are metric and for all but the premium models a sunken 6mm hex bolt is used in the stem. HATE THAT.

There are no old school bikes being built now, Schwinns and Huffys are built by the same overseas company and the Schwinn cantilever frames are much the same as the Huffys ala Cranbrook. Electra was bought by Trek, I don't know what state Gary Fisher is in anymore, and I have a 95 Schwinn Cruiser SS as well as a c. 1954 straightbar Hornet, three Rollfasts and a 1946 Shelby. I kid that it's the only thing I have as old as my mom that has tubes but no capacitors.
I don't know Everything...I've just been at it long enough to know why it's probably messed up.
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