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Originally Posted by rishardh View Post
From what I have been told a light weight Brompton will be felt only when carrying the bike. Due to the small wheel size and how fast they spin bike weight is not a factor when riding.Good to note that there is a difference, coming from a person who owns several Bromptons.
The difference while riding is very small, though some people say the ti-version would be more comfortable. I am not sensitive enough to recognize a relevant difference. When carrying it makes a whole of a difference (and I have to carry my bikes a lot). The other thing is: Many Brompton riders try to bring down bike weight after some time which can be to a degree done with aftermarket parts but takes research, time and effort. Saving ~750g from the start is a good idea, the more, as you can switch to the ti fork and rear frame later only for even more money. Plus ti is corrosion resistant and will not wear relevantly regarding the looks. The steel will, especially on the chainstay where the frontwheel is hooked in. So in the end ti has some advantages but costs a lot extra. It has however no disadvantages apart from the price. Thus: If you can afford it a good choice.

Originally Posted by rishardh View Post
If I could setup a 2 speed with 40 and 75 gear inches I would like to know about it but that's a big jump.
You could get there by just adding a 39t chainwheel to the stock 54t on the front - exactly 40 to 75 GI. You do not have to stop to downshift (can be done with a heelstrike), but greasy fingers apply for shifting to the big chainwheel. A classical "granny gear" setup.
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