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Originally Posted by GerryinHouston View Post
Horses for courses. Here in Houston, I 've been to two REI stores and found their technicians reasonable, doing a good job. Had everything I requested done, even if under protest (increase the spoke tension in my brand new Randonee).

I have been through 4 LBSs, ranging from small boutique 'studio' to large multi-store Local Bicycle Stores, only one (Daniel Boone Cycles) passed muster.
Pretty much my experience too. LBS are, at the end of the day, small businesses. Some are run well, some aren't. I'd trust the lady at one of the REIs shops more than most LBS around me, despite REI being a "chain". Same goes for a mechanic at one of the local Performance Bikes. The other two REIs and PBs in the area? Eh, their door of head mechanic never stops rotating. The LBS? It is difficult in Michigan to keep a mechanic employed year round full time in a local bike shop that doesn't have other departments to keep it afloat, and part time seasonal work doesn't generally net you the talent.
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