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Originally Posted by noglider View Post
Last weekend, the same phenomenon happened to us but in an unexpected way. My goal was to make cycling easier for my wife. It has succeeded at that. But the unexpected part is that it has made cycling harder for me. I welcome it, because it's another equalizing force. I may have to reduce my expectation of the number of miles we can cover.

I'm getting a new cassette and shifter for our tandem. We're going from 7 speeds in the back to 11 speeds. This will give us a lower low, a higher high, and smaller spaces in between. It may help. We often use the lowest gear for climbing, even when the hill isn't very steep.
Certainly, when one rides with more than twice the power of the other (as is the case with my wife and me), the bike likely won't go faster (assuming any hills) over the course of a ride than the more powerful rider goes by himself/herself. And going uphill in a tandem is pure drudge, whereas I enjoy hills on my single. But it's well worth it when we can ride together, and both get a good workout.

I'm probably going to change two of my front rings. Our bike is a 3x9, with front rings 53/42/30 and rear cassette 11-32. I'm fine with the rear cassette, but I'm seriously considering going to a 26 nanny gear, and maybe a 39 middle ring.
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