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Girlfriend has her bike, now just need to find myself one and get a trailer and it's away we go for touring from Cambodia to (hopefully can cross into) India.

So i've been doing some web researching on the web on trailers. This review made me laugh - A nearly $1000 top end trailer and the wheel bearings needed changing after only 2500 kms?!!

'' The sealed bearings in the trailer’s hub lasted just 2,500km. Granted I spent a lot of time in wet conditions, I was still expecting 10,000km+ before needing to tap the bearings out and press some new ones in. That’s certainly been my experience with using the same Novatec hub on a road bike wheel....

The main arm connecting the seatpost mount with the rest of the frame wasn’t quite straight on my trailer. Not by much, but it was noticeable to the eye. This didn’t seem to affect the ride at all but was a quirk of the product.

The up-down pivot on the seatpost mount got creaky the day after riding in the rain. I assume this is due to debris making its way into small gaps between the washers and the trailer frame. I didn’t find a solution to this issue, but it generally disappeared after a few hours of riding in dry conditions. ''

I really like the simplicity and weight of the Y trailer below, but $400 ?? But what are you paying for exactly? Is it like space age aluminium or something? A Cambodian could probably knock me up one of those in an afternoon. Great idea though, as i think alot of the strength is in the plywood as far as pulling the trailer go's.

How do you feel about touring with 2 wheel trailers? Too much rolling resistance? You can pick the Y trailer up with your little finger though.
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