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Bikes: As my watts decline, Iím amping up!

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I can understand the hassle of charging and planning required with an ebike over a conventional bikes simplicity. That said, the power assist far outweighs that hassle for me. Modern quality batteries with proper battery management systems and a quality smart charger shouldn’t be a safety issue. Personally I would still avoid most ebikes under about the $1,500 amount and do detailed research on any ebike purchase; especially the battery used and if you can use any battery pack with the ebike being considered. I only have ebikes that take any battery of proper voltage so I can select a battery of choice with quality cells, BMS and #S#P makeup. There is a steep learning curve with ebikes in general that a salesman pushing Chinese crap will not inform you of. He just wants to sell his inventory before it is outdated and worthless.

I will also state that adding a motor to an existing bike, means you always still have a pedal bike when you’re done with electric assist and don’t want it anymore or you have a motor issue that isn’t worth fixing. A manufactured ebike will never be a pedal bike, so many are basically disposable when there is a major issue or their proprietary battery fails. Something to keep in mind when considering which way to go...

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