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One of my Facebook contacts tagged me on that comic strip. Apparently to make a point about having to wait a few moments for weekend cyclists on a rural road.

From his description it sounds like a too-familiar case of rural farm to market roads with traffic volume exceeding the design. More white flight from cities and suburbs to even more distant reaches into former farm and ranch land, now abandoned to pricey housing developments. Fueled by cheap gas and high paying high tech jobs.

Developers and cronies in gummint want to buy rural land cheap, develop housing, but don't want to pay for infrastructure. Within a few years the two lane blacktops that served appropriately for generations of farmers, ranchers and rural folk are no longer adequate for the daily traffic that exceeds the volume of an entire month of traffic of earlier generations.

So the cyclists who rode those roads for years without problems are now the usurpers, slow-rolling in the way of gas powered progress.

One of my favorite rural routes is undergoing that transformation. It's still safe to ride. In another five years it'll be a deathtrap for cyclists who insist on using it.

My personal gauge is to keep a rough tally of how many cars, and how often, are delayed even slightly behind me. So far on the busiest 6 mile segment it's a busy day if two cars in a row are forced to merely lift pressure from the accelerator to wait one or two seconds before passing. That seems reasonable. Other days I can ride that 6 mile segment and see one vehicle, at most.

But when I begin to regularly see two cars delayed even slightly behind me on every ride, I'll probably stop using that route. I suspect traffic will increase very rapidly and dramatically within a year or so when the new schools open. After that it won't be safe to ride, although I suspect some diehard roadies will persist for awhile.
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