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Google Maps set to Bicycling shows trails, bike lanes and bike friendly roads. It appears that the dotted "bicycle friendly roads" are selected by google map users that have map editing permissions. My local area shows some bike friendly roads that are very steep (but low traffic). And some are busy highways that I would avoid. But most of the bike friendly roads are rideable.

A link to Novi area google maps bicycling. You have to zoom in to see the green dotted friendly roads. Zoom way in to see the bike trail names repeated down their green line.
(Bikeforums tries to show this in-line, but then it doesn't show bike data. copy and paste this without the x in front of https. Or just go to your local Google Maps and select Bicycling from the left side pulldown.

Strava Heat Map
This is my first choice for locating routes in unfamiliar areas. It's two years of uploaded strava GPS recordings, color coded by popularity.
Some of these "roads" are mountain bike trails. Some are gravel roads. And a few popular roads might be the best way out of town, but annoying to ride.
Novi Strava Heat Map. Click the Labels button to see town and road names. Click the bicycle icon at Activity Type, the link reverts back to "all".

Strava Route Builder
This uses the Heat Map data to route you on popular roads. Click a starting point, and intermediate points, it picks reasonably good roads. Much better than Google Maps, which usually takes the most direct route. You need a free Strava login to make routes.
Route Builder

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