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Originally Posted by DiabloScott View Post
  • Legally though, and without making any comments about the merits of the case: the District is the defendant; and Bike East Bay et al are just sort of witnesses or concerned parties providing evidence and testimony - is that right?
  • This is listed as a "complaint" - is that a subset of "suit" or is it different from a suit somehow?
  • Would it be normal for the defendants/ DCSD to file a response to a complaint like this with counter "Prayers for Damages" and causes of action? An example might be that they could require the complainants to stop putting up private property signs and such if the judge rules against the complaint? Or are they limited to just responding to the actual items in the complaint? I'm assuming they wouldn't want to counter-sue (if that's really a thing).
Originally Posted by bikingshearer View Post
Also, people, it is probably best if we not - repeat, not - discuss this here in a public forum. It does no good for defending the case and has the potential to do real harm, as everything anyone says here is discoverable. .
I think bikingshearer makes a good point; we are all now alerted to this action and we should pass this information on to interested parties. But, we should leave the rest to a private or judicial forum.
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