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Bikes: 2014 Giant Roam

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Any entry level mtb will do. Especially with used size and fit is important. I do light trails with my giant roam hybrid but a dedicated mtb is better I say. Any of the major brands have a entry level at or below your price point and less major/ medium brands have some decent bikes too. For just a few dollars more you can be a step above entry level and for myself I feel that would have been better but getting over the sticker shock of what we expected bikes to go for based on when we were kids riding huffy's and not knowing how much you'll be into it now but better to start off on the $800- $1000 bike than to buy twice... idk maybe but then why not 1200- 1500. Lots of people on vintage and used bikes. Mine is just a few years old and while there's nothing wrong with it besides needing a derailuer adjustment, maybe some chain cleaning and grease all basic maintenance (and a loose grip) that you should be able to do yourself (even the derailuer which I'd prefer a pro do) I'm still ready for a new bike. Maybe my always wanting a new bike has less to do with the bike than my mind though. It's nice to have a fresh new bike and no worries about what someone may have done or neglected to do, and i've had bad luck buying used stuff in the past when you don't know much about it or what to look for. Paid too much for junky skis, snowboards and instruments in my time. Too many people on craigslist want to get what they paid for it 3+ years ago. Scott's been on my radar just because I don't see as many around here and i think they're cool. All around the same price point the bikes are similar enough 'hard tail mtb' all 29ers with disc brakes (totally unnecessary... yeah i bought mine just before discs became commonplace) that you can just get what jumps out at you and is in the colors you like.
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