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Whole Milk

Originally Posted by threeteas View Post
I got into Strava really late, 2016 actually, when the craze already seemed to be dying down a bit. I tried it but ultimately feel like it takes away from my joy of cycling. Especially as it seems like I become obsessed with miles and average speed instead of time and other metrics in determining how well I'm going (hill times notwithstanding--it was def. useful for that).

Anyone else tried it but have opted out? I feel like an oddball among my cycling friends but I really find it becomes an unhealthy obsession for me. Maybe I'll come back to it with an extremely locked down private account for specific rides, the odd race or century.
You know, several years ago, I used to add whole milk to my coffee, and would pour it over my cereal every morning. Then my tastes changed and I started drinking soymilk and quit eating cereal. Anyone else opt out from whole milk?

FWIW, There are TV shows I quit watching, music I quit listening to, and clothes I stopped wearing, too. What does it matter whether anyone else quit doing these things? I didn't like them, so I quit. Isn't Strava the same?

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