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Iím looking at a cruiser myself for a second bike. In Tulsa the city has free ones you can borrow and I would ride those 10miles with my kids at an average pace of 9 - 10mph. Now I have a comax anyroad (love it) but running 10 miles on it at a pace of 15-18mph average speed and my legs feel a little more of a burn. Now Iíve only been riding it for a few weeks so Iím still ďconditioningĒ but point is I think cruiser vs a road type bike you also use different leg muscles.

Just ride and have fun. Any activity combined with a diet will improve you just matters on how quickly you want to see those results. Riding for me is good excercise but it also help my phycologlical aspect by getting out and clearing your head so to speak.

My cruiser Iím looking for now I want it to have racks to carry little light loads when Iím out with kids or a quick run to the store.
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