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Originally Posted by kbarch View Post
I wouldn't admit to being mind-boggled by things that actually happen all the time. You know, people do mess up at the front of pace lines because they haven't learned to judge and manage their cadence (among other things). No, it's not rocket science, but it's not automatic, either. It would be silly for new and developing riders to not use cycling computers just because experienced riders don't need them. They're great training aids, and I think the point that was originally being made is that it's really bad form for untrained riders to dismiss them and not make an attempt to learn.
I don't think there was a point being made. I think there was just one poster who made a ridiculous assertion:

Sorry, no way. You may think you are pulling to a specific speed but you aren'
Pulling without a speedometer on your bike is disrespecting your riding friends if you take pulls at the front.
Which is ludicrous.

I'm not sure how depending on a bike computer or having instant access to speed is a great training aid in regards to group riding, but as I said before, there's a gross dependency on technology at the expense of a little self-awareness and common sense.

ETA: noodle soup covered it.
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