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Shimano 500 is a big nothing burger. Panasonic made a lot of great bikes, I have several of them. The Sport Deluxe was not one of them. For some reason back then, many manufacturers felt compelled to make and sell a complete product line, from basic to wonderful, and everything in between. And Shimano to this day makes everything from cheap components you find on Walmart bikes to top of the line components you might find on a $5K or even $10K bike. I never understood this, but it allows Walmart to highlight their crappy bikes as being "Shimano equipped".

Bike company marketing departments were well known for using fancy model names for their basic bikes. Terms like Super, Deluxe, Grand, and more showed up not he low end stuff. One of my favorite misdirection moves was by Ross bicycles, who had a Professional Gran Tour model that was not professional, not grand, and not a touring bike either.

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