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Originally Posted by kbarch View Post
You mentioned self-awareness. Actually, I'd agree with you more if you said people were relying on technology at the expense of awareness of what's happening around them. When it comes to pace lines, one of the biggest tricks is learning to be sensitive at the front to what is and will be happening behind, where one can't see, as grade, wind, and road conditions change, don't you think? I'd definitely agree: cycling computers are little or no help in that regard.

Meanwhile, when one starts to develop pace line proficiency, one only knows that being in front means having to do more work. But how much more work? When ones turn at the front comes, how does one know if one is working too much harder or not harder enough? It's just helpful - not "gross dependency on technology" - to use a computer to get the answer. Otherwise, chances are someone is going to be yelling to take it easy or stop slacking!
I think a lot of the issues you mention are only issues when people think they need to pull for minutes at a time. I've noticed this on multiple group rides in the past. It's as if people think they're doing a service or something by pulling for minutes at a time when all it really does it slow things down.

Pull through and off, or pull for 15-20 seconds and off. No reason to pull any longer than that in a decent size group.
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