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Seatpost for bike

I have a bike that i will do up that is also an ebike but i want to do the mechanic first. It is missing the seatpost and someone paired it with a sawed off seat post that is the wrong size. It says on it 34 but it doesn't go all the way into the insertion line. It also has been cut to make it smaller...which must not have worked. I am trying to find info on the net but so far unsuccessful even on the manufacturers site ENGLISH / E-bike / Folding E-bike_Shenzhen Xidesheng Bicycle Co., Ltd
The bike i have has 14"wheels and none of the ones i can see on this page. I am googling images right now to see if i can find it. The bike was left neglected and is also missing a battery so will work on other stuff then get that sorted after. Plus will try and get more info on the bike itself by looking in the daylight when its not raining(dont worry bike is in a plastic bag all snug). Plus will take photos.
The space inside the shaft where the seatpost goes seems to measure 300mm. I have been looking on sites like aliexpress and ebay . Nothing seems to be available for that size. Just over and just under. Also needs to be long. I really cant spend much as i am on a disability pension and this is just a side project. Can you recommend any sites to buy something?
Also if i got a standard sized seatpost(even tho it does have to be rather long) could this be a solution?

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