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Originally Posted by CliffordK View Post
Why don't you contact the manufacturer/vendor to get the specs on the seatpost, and ask if you can get a replacement.

It is hard to tell from your description. For standard vintage steel frames, using an oversized seatpost will sometimes stretch the clamp, and allow the seatpost to go in an inch or so before stopping, or jamming it in further can cause rippling of the tubes.

Most folding bikes I've seen allow the posts to go up and down very easily. Does the seatpost hole go all the way through to the bottom? You should be able to measure the bottom end of the hole, hoping it hasn't been deformed.
This was something found in a council cleanup. I looked at the manufacturers website and the bicycle is not listed there. So maybe not made anymore. I could try if i can find a model name or name on it. Good point. yes dont want to do more damage. Oh thanks your right.

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