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I elected to go a different route. My route may be a little extreme, but I think most could apply some of the principles of it to their advantage. I prefer to minimize power consumption and charge at various stops.

I use my phone for communication, research, and photography, but I turn it off or at least put it in airplane mode when not in use. I keep calls infrequent and short and use email or text message more. I chose a phone that has a removable battery and carry a spare (it weighs about an ounce. I can go days on the first battery and close to a week on the pair. My only on bike light is a small blinkie and it easily lasts for a multi-month tour with just the pair of AA batteries, but they could be replaced anywhere. For personal lighting I used to carry a headlamp, but used it sparingly enough that I switched to a little .25 oz keychain light that I wear on a cord around my neck. Since I use it a few seconds at a time and a few times per day it too lasts me for a multi-month tour (actually multiple tours), but spare batteries would be easy to carry and weigh very little. I don't find that to be a hardship since by default I tend to use my light very little even when I carry a bigger brighter light.

It is easy enough to charge my phone at most stops whether shopping, eating, camping, or whatever. Even in little town parks there is often an outlet at the picnic pavilion. In stores, diners, or fast food restaurants I have never been denied the use of an outlet.
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