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I have used a solar panel and a dynamo hub, both with an external battery pack. I have found the dynamo to be less effective, but then my charging solution, a Luxus U, has not been reliable. There may be better systems that will be more reliable. I certainly didn't expect the solar panel to be the more useful of the two, given that in only works on sunny days, but it has been the better of the two for me.
I also always have a plug for when an opportunity arises. But I much prefer just having that battery always charging via solar. I never spend time hanging out near a socket just to get charged up. Having to plug in is not a huge hassle, but not needing to is another level of freedom. Instead of looking for the seat in the restaurant near an outlet, I just look for a parking spot in the sun and know that I'm getting charged up while I eat even if I don't find a socket.
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