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All the points above are valid. It's really hard to pick a bike off of a spec sheet or geometry. The real point is to see what gives you the most pleasure on the road. Get out and ride it, yes you can get used to anything, but you'll usually find you can feel the characteristics of a frame builders style across most of their models. I like a bike with a lot of feedback in turns and good damping while still being stiff for power transfer and a tiny bit of understeer as I like countersteering on descents. We ride a Santana Beyond upgraded from a sovereign both chosen after trying Calfee's (beautiful bike but the steering is too neutral for my liking) Comotion (really slow over the turn transitions it felt sluggish) we just found Santana designs put the smile on our faces and give us confidence at high speeds. This more than makes up for the issues with proprietary parts, I find with some ingenuity we can do anything we want. We've switched it to gates drive, tried 2X and right side drive and are getting ready to switch to E-tap and hydraulic brakes. A crude comparison to singles: I think the Calfee feels a bit more like many Trek high end bikes, the Santana is more comparable to many specialized models if you have a preference for one of those you might find it carries through. Weight matters to me because we have a travel tandem and 2 or 3 lbs is really noticeable hauling it around, but not that noticeable on the road where stiffness and ride characteristics make more difference. Good luck with the choice and enjoy the journey
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